Patient Stories

Orbital Inflammation

This young lady suffered for years before she came to us. She was diagnosed to have NSOID- Non Specific Orbital Inflammation. She underwent a diagnostic biopsy, based on which treatment was given and we achieved complete resolution of her symptoms. She remains asymptomatic till date

Ptosis / Droopy Eyelids

Mr MA was unable to keep his eyes open. He was diagnosed to have age related ptosis. We performed Ptosis correction surgery under local anesthesia, and this is him after 2 weeks.
This gentleman suddenly developed drooping of eyes. We diagnosed him to have myasthenia gravis. He did not need any surgery for the eyelids, and the drooping was corrected by medication alone.
This young girl complained that she always looked sleepy and tired, even when she wasn't. She was very upset with this appearence. We performed a Ptosis correction surgery. She feels her confidence is renewed.
Ms DD complained of headache and of eyes feeling tired on most evenings. Assessment revealed a Right sided droopy eyelid for which she kept her brow raised constantly, leading to fatigue and headache. Ptosis correction relieved all her symptoms.
Droopy left eyelid since birth (Congenital Ptosis), corrected with satisfying results.
Mild right eye Ptosis, treated by scarless ptosis surgery
This child had a lump under the brow which was gradually increasing in size. CT scan confirmed it to be a benign tumor. A quick surgery performed, keeping aesthetics in mind, left her without any visible scar.
A drooping brow can reduce the field of vision, leading to falls and accidents. If the vision improves significantly by raising the brow with the finger, then surgery should be done.

Orbital Tumors

A life threatening Orbital tumor was causing the eye to bulge in this 59yr gentleman. With prompt diagnosis (Squamous cell carcinoma) and management (orbitotomy, excision, followed by radiation) , we were able to not only save the life, but also the eye of the patient.
Parents of this 3yr old child were devastated when they were told their child has a cancer near the eye. The tumor was resected, followed by radio and chemotherapy. Today the child leads a normal life.
At the age of 76, Mr RD noticed a rapidly growing lump in the corner of the left eye. A biopsy revealed a Solitary fibrous tumor. It has been 5 years, and he has not had any recurrence yet.
Mrs JM was experiencing heaviness and drooping of the Left eyelid since last 1 year, and now developed double vision. A large Cavernous Hemangioma was excised safely through a scarless approach and vision restored.


7 yrs ago, facial fractures sustained during a road traffic injury were repaired with plates. This unfortunately resulted in scarring and out turning of the eyelid. Specialist approach re established the lid contour and eye comfort.


Age related changes in the face can cause the lower lid to turn inwards and rub against the eye, making the eye red and watery. A simple surgery has fixed the problem within a day, and the scar is practically invisible.


Sumit is from a small village in Rajasthan and had eye cancer in both eyes. With a comprehensive approach, using Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, we were able to save not only his life and eye, but also vision in his Right eye. Left eye was removed and replaced with an artificial eye.
Conjunctival Melanoma

Lumps and bumps

Lumps and bumps
Lumps and bumps pre post
Conjunctival Cyst

Artifical Eye

Artifical Eye



Active Severe TED

Active Severe TED